Monday, January 2, 2012

This inn was nicer, but I think it's time I have some place to call my own. I do plan on staying in Skyrim a while, and it would be a lot better if I had someplace to put all this stuff I've been collecting.

But I don't have the money. So it's back to doing jobs for people.

I look around Whiterun, but it doesn't look like a lot of people are needing help of the adventuring sort; or at least, not that people would pay enough for it to be worth it. I do meet the local priestess of Kynareth, though. She tells me that the big dead tree in the city is Gildergreen, an offshoot of what is supposed to be the original living thing in all Skyrim, the Eldergleam, supposedly planted by Kynareth herself.

But she says that if someone could go get some of Eldergleam's sap, Gildergreen would revive. Too bad that no weapon could harm Eldergleam, save one - the Nettlebane, some ancient evil dagger, which just happens to be in possession of some Hagraven.

I'm not going after another one of those anytime soon, so I leave her at that.

Eventually I learned the Jarl had put out a bounty for some bandits in some hole. I could use the bounty, and less bandits, so I take it.

Turns out these guys are also poachers.

Not only do I get the money from the bounty, but some good loot too. Now I have enough for a place in Whiterun, and buy the house Breezehome. (I guess Nords name their houses when they're built.)

5000 septims is a lot, but now I have a home of my own (well, and Lydia too.)

This leaves a bit to be desired. Turns out I have to buy the amenities from the Jarl too.

At least I don't have to be here very much.

Lydia's room isn't too bad though.

Umm...At least the bed is big?

Now that I have some property, I guess it's time to go see these Greybeard characters. I think it's going to be a bit of a trip.

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