Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First things first - I return the Horn to the Greybeards, completing my task. They teach me the final word of the force shout - DAH, or "push." They have yet one more test, to see if I really, really am the Dragonborn - they subject me to the full power of their Voice, the lot of them. It put me off-balance, but apparently it was enough to tear a normal person apart. So I really am what they say I am. 

A little while ago I didn't think I was ready to take on another hagraven, but with the experience I have now (like knowing all about the Shouts and stuff) I am ready to take them on and get that dagger to heal the Gildergreen tree in Whiterun. They are hidden up near Helgen - I still don't like that place - so it's quick enough to get there. The hagraven had a coven of witches at her command, but they weren't a match for my skill. And this time, the hagraven wasn't about to kill me (though there was only one).
I get the Nettlebane from her, and take it down to the priestess.
I guess this thing is evil or something. I suppose it would have to be, if it is to harm the oldest living thing around. She tells me to go to the Eldergleam Sanctuary and get the sap from the tree. On my way out of the temple I am stopped by a Maurice - a follower of Kynareth, he wants to go on a pilgrimage to see Eldergleam, but has needed an escort, so I offer to take him.

It's not too inviting when I get there.
Not what one'd expect to see at a place holy to Life.
This is more like it.

We are met by a couple of pilgrims, Sond and Astra, who tell us that the way to Eldergleam itself is blocked - actively, by the tree's roots. However, a few swipes in the air with Nettlebane solves that nicely - the tree looks like it's actually afraid of the blade.

Maurice is none too happy with my plan to cut the tree to get its sap - I guess he wasn't listening to the priestess. He thinks he has a better way; nothing to lose by doing something else, and I guess it would be better to not harm a sacred being. What does he do?
Well, whatever he did, it worked. The sapling could be grafted into Gildergreen to make it live, just as well as the original sap. Much nicer way of going about it, for sure. The priestess in Whiterun was surprised, but pleased.

Now I head to Kynesgrove to meet Delphine.

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