Friday, January 6, 2012

And so, up the 7,000 Steps I go.

Nothing too hard. Takes quite a while, though - I can see why Klimmek wouldn't want to do this very much. Other than a few large predators and a troll, rather uneventful.

Right at the base of the last steps is the offering box. Even though I'm going inside, I leave their supplies there. I figure they have some sort of system, and I don't want to mess it up.

Once inside High Hrothgar proper, I'm greeted by the head Greybeard, Arngeir. He explains what in Oblivion is going on with the dragons and Shouts, and being the Dragonborn.

These words of power are indeed powerful. They are basically magic that doesn't require magicka to use. I learn the words by reading them, just like a regular spell.

Difference is, I have to learn the true meaning of the word. Usually that takes years of practice, but as the Dragonborn I can just learn from the souls of dragons I absorb. The Greybeards know how to transfer knowledge, so this time I don't have to go out and find dragons.

Of course, the Greybeards want to make sure I am really the Dragonborn, and not just some imposter. They set up a series of tests to show if I can really learn the Shouts as a Dragonborn can.

Basically just target practice. The word they have taught me is RO, or "balance." Words go together into phrases, so RO here combines with FUS for a more concentrated effect.

The masters take me outside to learn another Word, WULD ("whirlwind"). This creates a gust of air that pushes me forward at incredible speed.

After I learn this as easily as the others, Arngeir has a test of a different sort. I am to get the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, the founder of the Greybeards and their Way of the Voice.

I came to Skyrim to learn magic. I suppose this is a practical exam.

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