Thursday, January 5, 2012

At this point I go get Armen his sword, since I said I'd do it and it's close by. Just go in, take out some bandits, the usual. He teaches me a sword-and-shield technique to thank me. Not that I'm into that or anything.

Now that I have everything squared away in Whiterun, it's time to see those Greybeards. The base of the 7,000 Steps to High Hrothgar is in Ivarstead, which is on the other side of the giant mountain from Whiterun, so it's a bit of a trip. And aside from the usual fauna and bandits, what should I find?

It didn't seem too keen on fighting, no matter how much I tried to provoke it. I figure if I can learn powerful magic just by killing one ("just"), I should do what I can to kill them. Oh, and the whole thing with saving people and stuff, that's good too.

Not too far from the dragon I came across a troll.

Still not used to them, but they go down to my fire magic rather easily for such fearsome beasts.

Not everybody was so lucky, though.

I found some orders on one of those Stormcloaks; says they were to investigate some disturbance, probably wolves. Nope.

Once I get to Ivarstead, I meet this fellow Klimmek who usually supplies the Greybeards (they don't get out much apparently); he apparently can't make the climb any more, but lucky for him I am going that direction, and take the supplies. On my way to the inn (it's rather late by now, and I haven't really slept well since I left Whiterun) I meet the miller, who wants me to thin out the bears of Skyrim, since apparently they mess up the trees.

I go to the inn, ask the innkeep about things, chitchat, etc, and he lets me know that some spirit has been haunting the nearby crypt; and this is a problem because Nords like to visit their crypts I suppose; oh, and because the spirit is coming out at night to haunt the townsfolk. Well, that sounds like a paying job for me (spent almost all my money on my house recently), so I will go check it out - once I figure out what those Greybeards want with me.

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