Friday, January 20, 2012

I head off to Windhelm, because it is right there near Kynesgrove, and all the action has been weighing me down some.
Windhelm is the center of the Stormcloak rebellion, and Ulfric Stormcloak is the Jarl here. I might not like them, but they don't think anything of me, so I can just walk right in.

Maybe the Dunmer would help you guys out if you were treating them right. Kinda funny how Windhelm is the center of the "Skyrims for the Nords, the Nords for Skyrim" movement, but is also home to many of the Dunmer refugees from when Vvardenfel exploded.

Other than that warm welcome, the city is kinda nice, in it's frozen fortress sort of way.
I guess this place is where that kid is trying to summon the Dark Brotherhood. He's pretty persistent, if he's been doing this long enough that news was able to get all the way to Falkreath by the time I got there. I decide to go see what is this kid's deal.
Obviously there's a misunderstanding here. Do I look like some sort of Dark Brotherhood anything, let alone assassin?
He wants me to kill this orphanage lady. Now, normally I wouldn't go and just kill some lady because some kid told me to (if he was a Jarl, and she a bandit, then sure), but being an orphan myself, I can kinda empathize. I'll head to Riften, to see if things really are as bad as this boy says.

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