Friday, December 23, 2011

I've picked up a bunch of stuff over the last couple of days. Have to get rid of it. Could just leave it on the ground, but this stuff is worth money, so I don't. There are a few people in town here that will take it off my hands, so I sell it to them. Basic stuff - my grandfather was a shopkeep, I know how this works.

Now that I've got a small bit of gold, it's time to get ready to head up to the College. I was going to be studying and practicing on the way from High Rock, but those plans have changed a little. Looks like I'm to be getting some more practical lessons.

I'm no random adventurer though. Sure, the other day I went and delved a random dungeon, but I was flat broke, with no experience, and happened to be attacked first. But that life isn't for me. I need some direction. Doing random jobs for people will help me get to know this strange country, and probably more profitable to boot.

So naturally, I go ask the innkeeper what she's heard.

That would be a lot more helpful if Windhelm was anywhere near here. And strangely specific, too...

Obviously that wasn't too usefull, but I did hear once the Jarls - basically Dukes or Lords or something - sometimes have stuff they want taken care of, and they have a lot of septims to boot.

I've already talked to the old Jarl; the new one was installed fairly recently I hear, and when I go see him he doesn't look much older than me. I ask him how it is now, having so much responsibility.

Jarl of the Year, this guy.

He was even less charming when I asked for work. Wouldn't even consider anything unless I got him some of that Black-Briar mead. He made it sound like it was something hard to do, but the inn had some for sale; it was marked up a lot, but still available.

Once he was liquored up, he mentioned that he wanted a group of bandits taken out. The mead probably wasn't a good idea, as he let out he'd had some dealings with them in the past, and now they weren't paying up as they should have. This, just to some random stranger who walked into town two nights ago! I could have been an Imperial agent for all he knew.

But money is money, and I head out to do the job. I got the chance to take in some scenery on the way.

What an odd formation of mushrooms. The fairy ring is one thing, but the many varieties, all in one ring? That's odd. But good for me - good to have a nice variety of ingredients for potion-making.

This ring, though, I have no explanation for. Almost looks like a burial mound of some sort, but none of the peoples of Skyrim do anything like that. I'll make note to look into it when I'm a full mage.

Odd rings aren't the only things about these woods.

 Saber-toothed cats are not my idea of a good time. Good thing I was able to attack first, and at a good distance.

I soon come upon a camp. But it's not the bandit's camp. Looks like I went the wrong way, and ended up in a Forsworn camp! Looks like most everyone is gone, though there are a few sentries. I have a bow, and take several of them out by surprise - those stone sword-things look a lot nastier than regular metal ones. Magic takes care of those that I can't sneak by.

These Forsworn don't mess around. Their camps are rather large, and built into the side of the mountain, so it's a bit of a climb to the top. I even find one of their undead Briarheart leaders. It takes me all afternoon to get through their camp, and when I do, what do I see?

Two hagravens, mid-ritual in creating one of those Briarhearts! One of those witches is more than a match for me, but they attack before I can slip away. They can resist my magics pretty well, being ancient witches and all, and I am not nearly as resistant to their exploding fireballs (neither was their Briarheart either, it turns out). What few potions I had with me (many of which I found in the camp) combined with my Healing spell were barely enough to keep me alive. Even then, at one point I found myself at the brink of death, but for some reason felt a surge of power which healed me completely.

As my magic wasn't nearly good enough to hurt them, I tried using my weapons. I didn't sell everything I had picked up in the last two days, just for dire situations such as this. I tried a bow at first, not wanting to get anywhere near those claws, but they could throw fireballs almost as quick as I could shoot arrows, and without nearly as much accuracy as I needed. I eventually learned that they wouldn't use their magic if I was quite close, though (probably because they didn't want to get hit by their own explosions). I pulled out my mace, and was able to finish them off before they got me, barely.

They were performing their ritual at one of those chanting magical word wall places, and once again I somehow learned some word - this time FEIM, which I know means "fade," but I don't know why I know that.

After all that drama, the orc bandits were rather easy to take care of. They were conveniently occupying an orichalcum mine, of which ore they generously shared (not that they had much choice, being dead and all).

Of course, it can never go completely right, and I somehow got Brain Rot there. Didn't notice until I got back to the inn in Falkreath (it being Brain Rot and all), but I happen to have a bit of training in alchemy, and when you react charred skeever tail with vampire dust in your standard alchemy kit, it makes a cure-all for most any disease you can get out there.

This whole adventure took two days (time flies when your having fun getting killed), and I'm glad to be at the inn again.

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